My images tell the story of your wedding, beginning to end. I love to capture the littlest details and expressions throughout the day. The moments when you think no one is watching are the ones that really show the true emotion of the day. I see beauty in lots of different ways and it's my privilege to compile the images in a unique and romantic way that takes you back to your wedding, where your story began.



Wedding collections begin at $2,600.
Portrait collections begin at $350.
Please  inquire for availability 
as well as a more detailed price list.



Your wedding day is a big deal. That's why I devote myself to making sure your images are unique to your story alone. The way I see it, your photographs are one of the only tangible elements that you can take away from your wedding day. Be kind to yourself and invest in quality imagery. 

I believe


I believe

The little details

Ever heard the phrase "The devil's in the details"? Well for me, that's where the magic is! After all, without the little pieces of your day, the puzzle is not complete. 

Someone will notice. someone always does.

I believe

The magic hour

there's nothing more beautiful than great light.

That magical moment when the sun is almost gone and the last light is hanging in there. That's my favorite moment of the day. I'll choose that light over any other. All day, everyday, and twice on Sundays. 


I believe in

Kind Words

Felipe & Renee

"Haley is an exceptional photographer and catcher of memories! Her personality kept her calm and cool even when things got stressful on the day & we are grateful for this! we are thrilled that haley captured our day in a fun and memorable way. we wouldn't have wanted it done by any other!"

Derrick & victoria

"So grateful for Haley and the magnificent gift she has! She captured all the special moments of my wedding so beautifully and I couldn't have asked for better. To this day I get compliments on the photos  & I cherish each memory every time I look back through them."

lou & caitlin

"Haley has blessed us & our family with such beautiful portraits. they will be cherished for a lifetime! Haley captured our day so perfectly & we couldn't imagine having shared it with any other photographer. Can't wait for the day that we can shoot again!"

"On top of capturing priceless memories from our wedding, haley was a joy to work with. she was calm, efficient, and helped our wedding day go smoothly. what more could you ask of a photographer?"

mike & emily

john & ashley

"Haley was professional and an all-around pleasure to work with, making our special day even better. She made it to where we did not have to worry about a thing, had an impeccable vision throughout the entire event, and we could not have been happier with the end result!"

sid & courtney

"Haley has captured some of our most memorable moments as a couple. her professionalism and true love of photography makes any experience with her stand out. all of my favorite photos have been taken by haley and they are all so unique & absolutely magical. she is always my only recommendation to friends & family!"